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Our facilities provide a range of thermoforming and annealing ovens that can accommodate windshield sizes up to 10’. Based upon the scope and design requirements of your project, we utilize drape, stretch, vacuum, and blow fabrication techniques for acrylic and polycarbonate fabrication.

Our focus is to deliver the highest optical quality custom windshields for aerospace, general aviation, historic race restorations, custom prototyping, and entertainment designs. From concept to reality, our family is committed to your design and will offer an experienced perspective to make your project to come to life.

Aircraft windshield co.


For 60 years Aircraft Windshield Company has created custom windshields for general and experimental aviation, land speed record vehicles, concept and concours ready vehicles, prototype and entertainment designs, and even space worthy roadsters.

Our commitment to quality, strict attention to detail, and a willingness to go above and beyond, are the qualities that have built the legacy of Aircraft Windshield Company and will continue to be the foundation for our future.


Norman A. Brodersen began Aircraft Windshield Company in a hangar at Compton Airport, California in 1963. Initial production was in crafting windshields for aviation by thermoforming acrylic plastic. An opportunity to expand into the production of racing windshields presented itself when Johnny Pulson, the pit crew boss for Parnelli Jones, requested a windscreen for the No. 98 Agajanian Willard Battery Watson/Offy roadster “Calhoun”.

Not only did AWC provide the windscreen, Norman worked as a pit crew mechanic for the pole position at the 47th Indianapolis 500 on May 30, 1963. Parnelli Jones and his crew were victorious that year and our racecar windshield production was born.


AS Aircraft Windshield Company’s products soon became known for their high quality optics and through word of mouth, the business expanded. In 1965 AWC moved the shop to Los Alamitos, California where Norman continued to manufacture acrylic parts for aviation and race vehicles.


Norman’s Son, Mark Brodersen, began working with his Dad at the shop. He worked hard and began to learn the tools of the trade.


In 1977 an unfortunate helicopter accident took Norman’s life, leaving his wife and family faced with the difficult decision of continuing the family business. Although this was a difficult time, they pulled together and developed AWC into what it is today. Norman’s wife, Lois Brodersen, continued to own the business with her son and daughter, Mark and Judy, overseeing the operations. Diligent and determined, Aircraft Windshield has remained a family operated business.


Mark went to the Oshkosh Airshow Convention and Fly In to meet some of his clients and make new connections. While there he got to meet Bob Walters and Al Nelson who built the homebuilt aircraft “The Dragonfly”. Mark had made the prototype canopy and was excited to see it in person. Mark made many Dragonfly Canopies over the years and developed new methods of forming to ensure high quality optics for unique canopy shapes and designs.
Mark’s success can be attributed to his passion for all types of vehicles imaginable. You can find him on the track at Laguna Seca, admiring the Concours restorations at Pebble Beach, enjoying the Reno air races and Champions of Oshkosh, catching Salt Fever on the Bonneville flats, or visiting the studio lots in LA.



Mark’s son, Jon Norman Brodersen, joins the team at Aircraft Windshield Company. He worked with his Dad and long time AWC Foreman, Arturo Fernandez, to learn the tools of the trade.


Mark’s daughter, Jesica, joins the team at Aircraft Windshield Company and enjoys working with her Dad on the quality management system and quoting process for new projects.


Mark becomes the owner and operator of Aircraft Windshield Company.